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Safety warning: Edelrid screw gate D-ring bolts (2019 - 2022)

Edelrid roept eigenaren van een specifieke batch D-Ring schroeven op om deze direct te vervangen. Stop onmiddelijk met gebruik en neem contact op voor meer informatie.

Schroefbout Edelrid

De betrokken schroeven worden in de volgende producten gebruikt: 

  • Core Plus Triple Lock (88037)
  • Radialis Pro (71610)
  • Treecore Triple Lock / Core Sliding D-kit (88036/88052)
  • Core Screw D-Single / Core Screw D-kit (88062/88054)

Voor de Core Plus, Radialis Pro en Treecore/Sliding D kit zijn alleen producten beïnvloedt die na oktober 2019 zijn geproduceerd.


Edelrid calls on the owners of the screw gate D-ring bolts to replace them immediately. The quantity of bolts required can be requested free of charge by using the ORDER FORM.

The affected screw gate D-ring bolts can be found in the following products and components:

bolt used in these products

For the CORE PLUS, RADIALIS PRO and TREECORE/SLIDING-D-KIT, only products manufactured since October 2019 are affected.

Where to find the corresponding batch numbers and markings on the products is described HERE. Owners of affected products are urged to withdraw them from use immediately. The required quantity of bolts, as well as the designation of the affected product with batch number, must be reported to EDELRID. Then the bolts on the listed products will be replaced with the new bolts supplied.


A ring was found on a RADIALIS PRO harness in a high ropes course with the thread broken off just behind the nut. In a metallurgical assessment of the bolts, it was found that there were variations in the coating of the bolts, which can lead to hydrogen embrittlement and the bolts snapping in individual cases.

Video instructions on replacing the bolts

Video instructions on replacing the bolts can be found HERE. Contrary to the labeling on the product and the information in the instruction manual, the replacement bolts should be tightened to a torque to 8 Nm.

Meer informatie

Kijk voor meer informatie op of neem contact met ons op.